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To begin, the Bassa Heritage Music Association (Canada) congratulates Liberians for the relatively peaceful and orderly conduct during these elections and hoped that its political leaders can forge a common bond and political unity and replace egotism with nationalism anf patriotism.

The Canadian diaspora can help make this new political dispensation a very promising one for all Liberians by ensuring that the Government is functional and committed to delivering services to its citizenry without prejudices.

One way to begin this engagement will be the formation of a Canadian delegation to visit Monrovia periodically and develop strategies to foster political unity and economic development. This delegation would consist of members of bona fide Liberian organizations within Canada and its mandate must seek to attain terminal values by positioning Liberia's image at home and abroad.

This body polity should transcend ideological borders and work for the attainment of unity, cooperation and economic development in Liberia. It should also seek partnerships with Canadian cities and businesses to promote sustainable social and economic programs for rural and urban communities in Liberia.

As the global economy shows little signs of improvement with limited food security in Africa hence we need to deploy our individual and collective resources to help minimize the suffering of Liberians and by working cooperatively with other international and local NGOs, agencies, media as well as various community groups and organizations in the country.

Granted the Bassa Heritage Music Association would propose strategies for raising needy fund for the movement as it plans these historic visitations and direct engagement in Liberian. Hence, one significant benchmark for this project, if you may will be the Liberian-European Friendship Organization.

Finally, I am much obliged to the editor and staff of this medium; I hoped this medium would serve a much greater purpose in Liberia in these troubling and difficult times.  



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