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The Afro-Canadian Magazine - First Edition

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS OCTOBER 31 - For Advertising Opportunities, Profiles, Publish your stories,
Articles and New Ideas. 

Pick up the phone right now and give Frankline a call @ 780.709.0965 | John @ 780.566.7997 | Sayouba @ 780.246.0609 | Koren @ 780. 264.5881.  Start sharing your stories in this first edition of Afro-Canadian Magazine.


What do you do? What difference do you make in your community? Which community do you belong to?

What is new in your community?

What products do you sell? What services do you provide?

What organization do you work for and what difference?

Does your organization make in the community?

Join us for the launch of  "The Afro-Canadian Magazine" taking place on Saturday Dec. 15, 2012, at the Alberta Avenue Community League Hall.



1. Individuals and organizations making a difference in the community, what Afro-Canadian communities are doing, sports, music, book reviews, articles and arts.

2. Nominees for African Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 award, stories from Afro-Canadian business community, new businesses and new ideas.

3. Stories from out of Afro-Canadian Community

4. List of Communities, groups and contact persons; list of organizations and churches in the community; list of upcoming events, workshops and conferences


1/2 page - $500

1/4 page - $250

1/8 page - $125

List your organization or event - $20 

Premium pages: $1,500 bk cover, $1,200 Insides
full page $1,000


Expected distribution locations to include:

o Libraries in Edmonton

o Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

o Government of Alberta Departments

o City Hall, culture, economy, finance, Premier’s office

o Microbusiness & Anderson Training Centres

o Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

o Francophone community organizations and groups

o Catholic Social Services

o All the Black businesses with physical locations, all 200 locations.

o African community upcoming events, Black History Month, end of year events and so on

o All attendees to the awards ceremony will receive a copy


Partners; businesses, organizations and individuals who have placed an order for ads or profile:

  • · Edmonton Solar Centre
  • · Green Crusader Edmonton
  • · African Canadian Multicultural Center and Club
  • · African History Library Project of the Nile Valley Fdn.
  • · Timbuktu Business Club of Alberta
  • · Edmonton Sawa Cameroon Association
  • · Katy’s Services
  • · Adam Shoe Repair and Design
  • · Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers
  • · The City of Edmonton
  • · Koultures Fine Dining Restaurant
  • · Kasoa Tropical Foods Market
  • · OMNI TV Edmonton
  • · Sinkunia Community Development Organization
  • · The African Palava Hut
  • · Ango Clean Building Services
  • · Thomas Bumbeh RE/MAX Elite Realtor
  • · African Canadian Society of Alberta
  • · Unique Pix Photography
  • · CromWorks Enterprises Inc.

· Prim and Proper Planning Event Planning









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