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Free Online Courses for the Whole Family

Free Online Courses for the Whole Family: Take Advantage

ALISON in partnership with APH offers free independent interactive multimedia training courses. On the Homepage, click the Free Learning tab and choose from a broad range of Courses and Start Learning…


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13 Wrong Reasons to Get Married

When two people are deeply in love, marriage seems like the obvious answer. But let’s not kid ourselves, people marry for reasons other than love every day.

If you’re ready to march down the aisle and find yourself wondering what’s love got to do with it, return the bridal shower gifts and reconsider. Seriously, no china pattern is worth a lifetime of…


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Friendship Chin Chin

Hi Everyone,

It's great to be a part of this vibrant community.  We are BeeRain would like to introduce our delicious Chin Chin to the house.  Please contact us on facebook to order our Friendship Chin Chin for your parties and related gatherings. 

Thank you!!!

BeeRain Inc

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Connecting Us All Conference 2014 - Oct 16 Edmonton

Embracing Multicultural Community Development: Connecting us all Conference 2014

Bringing together ethno-cultural community leaders, government and non-profits for the betterment of Edmonton.

Action for Healthy Communities, The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition, Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, The Edmonton Federation of Community…


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Please Make a Donation!

Campaign Navarius Mombo appreciates your moral and financial support.  Please donate generously to a worthy cause.  Thank you.

City of Toronto Candidates Link



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The Edmonton Lone Star Dilemma: A Saga or an Omen?

Let's join the conversation.  If you decide to register your thoughts on this delicate matter, may I remind you that "the power to criticize should be equally matched by the power to contribute."  If you have nothing to say, say nothing.  The intention here is to unite and WIN.  To share your thoughts, you may need to sign up at the African Palava Hut.…


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The 'tommy hilfiger jean' Is still Wearing The Fashion

If there's one thing that has resisted social revolutions, financial crises, planet wars, a thing that has served tommy hilfiger outwear men and women, rich and poor, young and adults, if there's something universal and timeless, undoubtedly that's called ' tommy hilfiger jeans. " Exactly where does it come from?

The 'tommy hilfiger jean' was patented in 1873 below the license number 139,121 within…


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Tommy hilfiger Spectacles for Fall Winter 2010

The tommy hilfiger Spectacles Collection characteristics the whimsical however classic tommy hilfiger jeans styles and interest to detail synonymous with renowned British designer, Sir tommy hilfiger.

Sophisticated but edgy, the frames are crafted by hand of the highest good quality components. The heart of your collection is colour.

he spectacles and sunglasses are consistently easy in style…


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America's Most Highly effective CEOs 40 And Beneath

Whereas Page, Zuckerberg and Mayer innovated on the internet, 40 year old Kevin Plank provided a brand new knowledge for athletes around the field. As a student at the University of Maryland, Plank created his first company to sell roses for Valentine's Day. It earned him about $17,000, and those revenues later helped him start off a firm to manufacture moisture wicking fabric. He was a senior on the college football team when he developed a prototype for a polyester Lycra blend T shirt to…


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How you can Invest in Sports Teams and Profit

Professional sports are massive home business, to put it mildly. A best franchise, regardless of the sport or marketplace, will be worth billions of dollars. A growing number of, sports organizations are starting to supply shares to investors around the open industry, but in the event you to profit, you will need to become armed together with the appropriate know-how about the best ways to invest in sports teams. Sponsorships, ticket sales, broadcasting rights, and in some cases tax breaks…


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10 Things the Daycare May Not Tell You


By Liza Finlay | Today's Parent – Thu, 24 Jan, 2013

Daycare Dread

Selecting the right daycare is important - for your child's growth, and for your own peace of mind. Here are a few things to keep to…


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Inter-Cultural Evening by the Nigerian Students Association - University of Alberta

Date: Saturday, 13th Oct. 2012.


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The Afro-Canadian Magazine - First Edition

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS OCTOBER 31 - For Advertising Opportunities, Profiles, Publish your stories,

Articles and New Ideas. 

Pick up the phone right now and give Frankline a call @ 780.709.096 5 | John @ 780.566.7997 | Sayouba @ 780.246.0609 | Koren @ 780. 264.5881.  Start sharing your stories in this first edition of Afro-Canadian Magazine.




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1A Classe Alviero Martini, travel bags for 2010

You have spent down your first weekend away? The ones that make you feel even if from afar the fresh coach factory outletair in the summer? Ok, maybe the climate was not at all on your side and ruined some trips out of town, but sooner or later will come the warm days, when just open your eyes you will want to…

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Among the collections in the preview

Among the collections in the preview that reveals find also that of Michael kors, one of the collections that perhaps I have not loved this fall-winter 2012/2011. Compared to that of spring-summer 2012, perhaps one of my absolute favorite (not to mention the shoes though, that I was not excited about that), michael kors outlet I found that of the…


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Gay Marriage: Has Obama Damaged His Re-election Chances by Supporting Same-Sex Marriages?

As the US election fast approaches, a rather startling declaration by Obama on gay marriage has gotten both his supporters and critics scrambling for a response. See article below for details. 

Our experience in Canada has shown…

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Black History Month: The African Diaspora & The City of Dreams

Toronto the “City of Dreams” welcomed the Abolitionist movement in the early 1800′s by taking a high moral ground against slavery in the West. Canada’s illustrous Lieutenant General John Gray Simcoe of the then Upper Canada proclaimed emancipation and freedom to all black people seeking refuge in Ontario from slavery in America. The phenomenal underground railway supported and facilitated the exodus of black slaves from America, hence Ontario was dubbed a…


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Let The Diaspora Engage...

To begin, the Bassa Heritage Music Association (Canada) congratulates Liberians for the relatively peaceful and orderly conduct during these elections and hoped that its political leaders can forge a common bond and political unity and replace egotism with nationalism anf patriotism.

The Canadian diaspora can help make this new political dispensation a very promising one for all Liberians by ensuring that the Government is functional and committed to delivering services to its…


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