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Mama Rose Nyanzu Installed as Pastor of Living Waters Assembly - Edmonton

In an elaborate and glamorous ceremony on Sunday, September 28, 2014, Mrs. Rose Nyanzu was officially installed as Pastor of the Living Waters Assemblies of God Church in Edmonton.

Pastor Rose had been duly examined by the ABNWT District Credential Committee and had been approved with a ministry credential with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  God's call upon her life to serve as a Pastor was recognized and confirmed.

Charge to the Church Board:  It is your task to serve with your Pastors on the spiritual and administrative leadership team of Living Waters Assembly of God.  It is your obligation to generously consider the temporal, spiritual and intellectual needs of your Pastors.  It is your role to be a biblical model for this congregation of loving thoughtfulness, courage, faithfulness and a cooperative spirit of unity.

Charge to the Congregation:  To the members and attendees who have made Living Waters Assembly of God your home church, you are charged before God to honor and submit to the servant/leadership ministry of Pastor Rose Nyanzu, along with Pastor Tony Nyanzu.  They are God's Pastoral ministry gifts to you.  You are reminded that your Pastors will give account to God for how they watched over souls.

Her husband and Senior Pastor Tony Nyanzu, the Leadership, Choir and members congratulates Pastor Rose on her ascendency. We love you and wish you God's guidance as you continue to minister and proclaim the victory of Christ.

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