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Lula Bestman-Mombo

Lula Bestman-Mombo in Toronto


By Front Page Africa Staff Reporter - Wednesday, 20 June 2012

In Toronto, Canada, on the 12th and 15th of June, 2012, former Liberian Journalist, Lula Bestman-Mombo who previously worked with the Liberian News Agency, Daily Observer and the Ducor Broadcasting Corporation, earned her diploma in Computer Engineering Embedded Networks with distinction from Centennial College and Post Graduate Certificate in Project Management with merits from Ryerson University.

After arriving in Canada from Israel in 2004, with her family, Lula immediately enrolled in several programs including a government certified certificate program in Project Management of Small Business. Despite her achievement, Lula enrolled simultaneously in two universities, Ryerson and Centennial, studying Project Management and Computer Engineering.

When asked why she decided to take on such challenge, she reflected on her desire to be a champion for Liberian girls and based on the inspiration she received from her family here in Liberia and in Canada.

It is also worth noting that Lula previously enrolled in Don Bosco Polytechnic studying construction engineering as the first Female student in the university before the civil war.

Even though with lots of responsibilities, including motherhood, wife, and the adjustment to new cultural, she was determined to embrace these challenges and welcome the opportunity of earning education that would one day better her native land-Liberia. Lula hopes one day to utilize her achievements in helping to contribute to the technological advancement and project management areas in Liberia very soon.

According to Lula, although it is uncommon for women to wear a graduation gown at Centennial College in Toronto-Canada in Computer Engineering, (which is a male dominated profession); she still got the opportunity to be awarded a diploma as a result of hard work and endurance. Further she also accredited her success to God for all the wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

According to to her, it takes more than one finger for one to be successful, she want to thank her husband, Navarius Mombo who supported her through those tireless journey and her children: weadee, weajue and weagbe, who prayed for her when she needed it most.

Her advice to young women in Liberia is; Do not let the world control you, believe that whatever decision you make is the right one, whether it is popular, hasty or indecisive, it is your decision.

She hopes and pray that one day many Liberian women will enter the field of technology. She said, future is bright and promising for women. In concluding, she said, she is proud to be a Liberian woman.



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