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Jeanne Lehman for Federal NDP Nomination | Edmonton-Manning Riding

Jeanne Lehman for Federal NDP Nomination | Edmonton-Manning Riding

Jeanne Lehman

Hello Friends and Esteemed Community Leaders:


Our sister Jeanne Lehman is seeking Federal NDP nomination for Edmonton-Manning Riding.  We are holding a series of events to raise funds as well as reach out to the community at large to become members so that they can participate in the nomination process.


Nomination date is set for July 23, 2014.  We need to reach at least 500 members to ensure that she wins the nomination.  On Saturday, June 27th we will be holding a fundraiser from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM at 4606 163A Avenue. Come in and meet the crew currently working with her and speak with Jeanne regarding any matter of interest. The Accountant will be at hand to collect donations.  Drop by and spend a few minutes with us and share your thoughts.  You are welcome to visit with the group and participate in calling potential members.  


We are quite aware of the diverse party affiliations within the community.  But I believe that charity begins from home.  We have learned over the years that we are quickly forgotten by the people on whom we invested time, effort and our meager financial resources to support.  Those people come and go but helping our fellow African is an investment that will last forever as they will always remain a part of our community.


Watch out for other communication regarding future events.  We need to win this nomination and move on to win the election.  If you want to learn more about Jeanne, please visit her facebook page by clicking the following link We are looking for volunteers and welcome any suggestions on how to develop a winning strategy. 


Please note that there is limited street parking in the area, so plan a short stay so that we an accommodate other guests.  We accept cheques and cash. Please consider becoming a member even if for this purpose only at the cost of as small as $1.00. Of course, any donation will be accepted as well.  This fundraiser is to cover campaign expenses for Jeanne, so we are counting on your generosity.  BTW, no plans to empty your bank account.  No amount is too small.


We look forward to seeing you on Saturday.  If you have any questions please contact me at 780-862-0761.  Please help spread the word and forward this to Edmonton residents on your mailing lists.


Thank you in advance for your assistance and participation in this important endeavor.


Hafsa Goma

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