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Dear Patron:
Thank you for your interest in supporting Médecins Sans Frontières /Doctors Without Borders (MSF). We appreciate your thinking of us.
MSF is currently working on the Ebola outbreak has been working to contain the outbreak since reports of its spread first appeared. We currently have around 300 international and national staff working in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and have sent more than 40 tons of equipment and supplies to the region to help fight the outbreak. To learn more about our work with Ebola, we invite you to visit our webpage:
Thank you for your interest in holding a fundraiser to benefit our work with Ebola. We invite you to visit our “Fundraise for MSF” page: At this link you will also be able to access our Fundraising Toolkit which should help answer a lot of the questions you might have about fundraising for MSF. You will also be able to access our list of fundraising ideas, also attached to this email.
If you do plan to hold a fundraiser, we ask that you get in touch with us again so that we can assist the conception and planning of your event. Please also be aware that we do currently have a designated fund for our work with Ebola, however this fund may not continue indefinitely. This means that if we reach a point when we are effectively able to fund our work with Ebola, we would not accept donations after that date. Moreover, we are generally unable to designate funding to specific clinics. This means that, while any donations received would go to support our work with Ebola, they could be used in clinics in Guinea, Liberia, or Sierra Leone.
Please be aware that we will be able to issue tax receipts to all individuals who donate $10 or more at your event as long as you provide us with a list of these donors. It will be up to you to keep track of the names, mailing addresses, and amounts donated by all attendees at your event who want to receive a tax receipt for their donation. If you are going to be accepting donations paid in cash, please do not send us cash in the mail. Collect the cash and send us a single cheque or credit card gift for the total amount. Again, on separate donation forms, or on a separate spreadsheet or sheet of paper, you can provide us with the name, address, and amount donated of each person who donated more than $10 in cash and requires a receipt.
It is with the help of enthusiastic people like you that we are able to continue providing impartial and independent emergency medical relief where it is needed. Thank you, and please do not hesitate to contact us again by reply of this email or by phone at 1-800-982-7903.
Warm regards,

Emily Harris
Service aux Donateurs/Donor Relations
Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Canada
402-720 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON  M5S 2T9

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