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Liberia's Cultural Ambassador Julie Endee


With no disrespect to Liberia's Cultural Ambassador Julie Endee, her role as a leading cultural figure in post-Liberia comes with high expectation; but, unfortunately over the years, her inability to come up with the right strategies for shaping the current cultural policy direction in Liberia remained a dismal reality for the entire cultural industry. As an industry leader, Ambassador Endie's current responsibilities, duties and portfolios which support the overall cultural policy objectives of the government are somewhat unsustainable, peripherial, generic and gimmicky. Hence, like the seating government with no strategic design for cultural entertainment and performing arts, it remained difficult to see how the Ambassador would rally grassroots support and engage this government to prioritize the cultural and entertainment industry in Liberia, if for instance, the government is re-elected.

Truly, with the many challenges faced by artists globally, this elections season is timely for Liberian artists; so, the leaders of the industry must take a deeper look into the most pressing concerns and ensure that political leaders tailor campaign platforms to the development of the arts and cultural industry. The community needs a critical mass to bring about social transformation. Indeed, the entire community of artists, artisans and worldbeat aficionados accross the nation must confront thier local and national leaders and make them to bear witness of the frustration and injustices toward this margianilized community and or industry with no direction at all. More to come!       

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